Sitting in Church, we Saw the Tender Mercies of the Lord…

This week has been a mountain week. Ups and Downs. We have seen so many miracles. This sunday we left early as usual to knock on doors, and bring people to church but the first few doors we knocked weren´t home, or said they couldn´t go. I felt a little frustrated and we went to knock the last door. Eusebio is an 80 year old catholic investigador we have. We knocked on the door, but looking in the window, its seemed that nobody was home so I just thought “Whatever, God wants me to learn something from this I´m sure”. I knocked one for time and Eusebio came running out (seriously he walks really fast) puts his hat on, grabs his Book of Mormon from his desk, opens the door and says “alright lets go!” I was so happy!!! Sitting in church, we saw the tender mercies of the Lord as more and more of our investigadores started coming in, and even the Ramirez family we´re teaching. 

     This week, one of my dear friends passed away. He was the Elders Quorom president, my neighbor, friend, and the hardest worker in our branch. It has been really hard for me. I feel so sad. I am grateful however for the example he gave me and everyone else.  I love the plan of salvation, knowing that I can see him again 🙂
I love you all!

Another Great Week!


My companion and I as twins
IMG_0017      Fire station letting us wear their clothes that weighed like a million pounds! I felt so skinny when i took it off!!
IMG_0052Little Cecia teaching me how to clean rice.

“Companion, the Water is Hot!”

DSC02038      This Saturday, Edelmo was baptized! His wife made him a secret surprise video that had pictures of them together, then their baby, then their wedding, and the last picture was of the temple which is now their goal! It was so beautiful everyone was crying!

     We also found a sister, Ivanna with her two little girls. When we taught her the spirit was so strong! After explaining the restoration to her, we asked her how she felt and she said “it all makes sense.” woohoo!!!
     We found a sister Roxana, who is a single mother of two. She has a 16 yr old son who she is always complaining about. She says he’s rebelious and she doesn’t know what to do with him. So, we taught them the gospel. Yon Carlos, the son has come to church for two weeks now and he and his mom have a baptismal date for this august!

     Ok so my last miracle is a little different. Our hot water thing had broken and my companion and I were showering in FREEZING cold water (don’t forget its winter here). So cold we couldn´t breathe and we were finding every medio to get around it. So thursday, same story. I felt the water and it was ice! I thought “I can´t do it. I  just can´t” So i thought of the only thing i could do and went in my room and prayed. “Heavenly Father I know its something small but pleaseeeeee just give hot water today. Pleaseeeee” I said amen and ran put my hand under the water. “Companion the water is hot!” The hot water lasted just enough time to shower and then turned back to freezing. I know that wasn´t important to Heavenly Father, but He knew it was important to us and he loves us. 🙂
I love you all!!!!!!!

I Am So Grateful to My Father in Heaven, Who Loves Us So Much.

This week Annie and Edelmo got married!!!!! Annie has been less active for most of her life and has a daughter with Edelmo who is an investigador. In our second lesson Edelmo asked us what he needs to do to be baptized and we taught him about the Law of Chastity. They were married Saturday!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now their goal is the temple!

P1040338 P1040339 P1040337 P1040335
Sunday we attended the temple dedication of the Trujillo Peru temple. WOW, it was so amazing and so spiritual. I totally cried. It reminded me importance of a temple marraige to have an eternal family so that even death can´t seperate us.
This has been such an amazing, spirit filled week. I am so grateful to my Father in heaven who loves us so much.

The scriptures are SO powerful!

This week was so great!

     Monday for Pday, we went grocery shopping in the market! It is so beautiful!
P1040278 P1040277
P1040274 P1040275 
     Wednesday we had a lesson with a sister named Pamela. During our lesson, he baby peed all over her leg because she doesn´t like diapers.
Thursday  morning we bought 100 pieces of bread! Its call pitipan and its so yummy!
     Our way to interviews in the morning was pretty crazy. This girl was little short tempered and decided to get out of the taxi on her side (instead of letting us get out so she could get out on the safe side) and right as she opened her door, a huge bus came whizzing by and took it with him! It was so scary! AND the taxi still gave her her change and didn´t say anything to her!!!
P1040273 P1040280 P1040279 P1040281 P1040283 P1040271 P1040270
      That morning was our last interview with President Douglas because he will be finishing this month and President McGinn is coming in his place for my last 3 transfers. It was the BEST interview!
     Saturday was so great! We had a lesson with Eutemio. He is a less active as of 10 years and we are helping him to come back. He has attended church twice and is reading the chapters we give him in the Book of Mormon. Saturday in our lesson, before we even started, started talking about the chapter he had read and how everything made sense. He said, “Now I understand. I know God lives. Thank you Sisters, for helping me understand. I know God exists”
AHHHH!!!! It was so amazing! The scriptures are SO powerful!

Everything We Do in This Life, Should Be To Fight For the Next.”

Hello Lovies!! I hope everything is fabulous!

     Tuesday was such a great day! The only thing i can say is that every lesson was just filled with the spirit! We  visited a family that live in the middle of NOWHERE. Seriously, I thought we had walked to another state it was so far. The husband of the family is a less active, and hasn´t gone to church in about 2 years. We started to talk about the atonement of Jesus Christ, how he suffered for each one of us and Nicolas (the dad) started to cry.  He said he felt so ashamed for distancing himself from the church which held him from baptizing his daughter and being sealed in the temple with his family. It was so sad! He stopped going to church because he had to work.
     “Why do you work?”
     “To support my family.”
     “Why do you want to support your family?”
     “Because I love them. I want to give them all I can.”
     “Yet you’re robbing them from the best thing you could give them! If we don´t go to church, or keep the commandments, we will never be worthy to enter the temple and be sealed as a family. If we´re not sealed as family, who cares what happens in this life? It will mean NOTHING in the next life. Its so crazy how wrong our perspective can be. The gospel is the best thing we could ever give our family. Everything we do in this life should be to fight for the next.”
     WEDNESDAY! Wednesday we were in the house of a family who is investigating the church. They are so great! Anyway, in the middle of the lesson we heard this huge bang, boom, explosion type of noise. OK…….. Yea, we ignored it, finished, and left. On the way  home we passed a house and everyone was in the street, the police were there and everything. Turns out some crazies had planted a bomb in the house as a “warning”. So scary!
     I hope everybody is doing well! My companion and I are loving Pisco. We made some crazy videos this week and made Alfajores (best food in Peru) with Mamá Chef:)
P1040214 P1040215 P1040216
     SHOUTOUT to BRYAN for your letter! I loved it! HAILEY Happy Birthday! I love you!!
 P1040222 P1040221 P1040220
P1040218 P1040219

I love How the Spirit Can Teach and Testify For Us.

Hello Lovies!!!!

This week was fabulous!! I recieved a package of toys from my amazing mother!! Thanks mom!!!! IM sending pictures!
     This week we taught David (recent convert) and Jeyson (investigador) and we were going to teach how to recognize the spirit because they said they had prayed about the Book of Mormon but hadn´t felt their answer. WELLLLLL turns out that after we had that last lesson they read and prayed again and received their answers!!! They said they know for certain that the church and Book of Mormon is true. I was so great!
     My second favorite lesson this week was with Luis. We contacted him in his moto and gave him a picture of Christ. We ran into him throught the week and he had the picture taped in his moto on the window!!!!!! When we finally found his house at the top of the dune, it was worth all the sweat and sueño. The spirit was so strong throughout the entire lesson. Luis said he felt so happy since we´d arrived and he will be baptized the 20th of June!!
     I love how the spirit can teach and testify for us. I know the church is true. I know Heavenly Father hears and answers prayers.
     Happy Birthday Grandpapa!!!!
     Happy Birthday Ian!!!!!
     Happy Birthday Chloe!!!
I love you so much!!
P1040101 P1040100 P1040099 P1040098 P1040097

I know the church is true! I know Heavenly Father always sends angels to watch over us.

This week we were blessed with so many miracles, and spiritual experiences.

We had a lesson with our recent convert David, and his little brother Jeyson. We showed them both the image of Joseph Smith in the first vision and asked Jeyson if he remembered what had happened there.
“Yea….and what do you remember?”
“Joseph Smith prayed to know which church was true, and he saw a pilar of light brighter than the sun…”

He recited the first vision!! We were in complete awe!

We also had the greatest blessing to sit with the Herrera family in church. It is a half rescued, half recent convert family of ours. As we sat together we all got to watch Alex who was recently baptized, pass the sacrament in his shirt and tie. We were so happy and so overwhelmed with the spirit. I love how perfect the gospel is.

The other day my companion and I were waiting in the plaza for a member who was going to accompany us. Two little girls walked passed us…..then came back and asked if they could take a picture with  me! Of course!! One of the little girls sat down and just threw her arms around me! It was so cute!
The other day we were searching for a house and we asked a family if they knew the house. Yea yea thanks… we stopped in the corner of the street and my companion asked me “now or later” so i said “now” and we went back and the family let us in!!! They came to church on sunday!! 
on our way to church on sunday we were walking on  a long road, dieing of the heat, and all the sudden a moto honked at us and stopped, and a little wrinkled arm popped out of the window and waved us down. A little old lady from the ward let us in her moto! When we got there the guy didnt have changed and we ended up paying. During the last hour, she came up to us and tried to give us the money and we didnt want to take it. She placed in our palms with her shaking hand and kissed us on the forehead and walked away.
I know the church is true! I know Heavenly Father always sends angels to watch over us.
I love you guys!!!!!
Hermana Freyre