The other day we were on a combi and some kid got on and sat in front of us, facing us. I don´t know what his name was or who he was at all. He was young, dressed accordinly, and had tattoos all over his arms. As I stared at him and all his tattos, I just thought “He would look so great with a white tie and name tag instead of these clothes and tattoos.” I decided to talk to him and gave him a card before he got off at his stop.

After that I started to see everyone we passed dressed in white! I started to contact as many people as I saw because I felt so sad that they didn´t have the gospel. I think maybe it might be a portion of what our Heavenly Father feels when He sees His children lost, and gone astray. This has been a miracle for me because it has given me a new insight, a new love for the gospel, and a deeper desire to share it with ALL my brothers and sisters. I know the church is true and I love my Savior.

We had transfers and I have a new companion! She is from Chile and her name is Hermana Zuchel and I love her
Please pray for the Ramirez family!! They want to get their papers done to get married so they can get baptized but its really hard here! They need help!!
I love you all!!!!
Hermana Freyre