This week has been a mountain week. Ups and Downs. We have seen so many miracles. This sunday we left early as usual to knock on doors, and bring people to church but the first few doors we knocked weren´t home, or said they couldn´t go. I felt a little frustrated and we went to knock the last door. Eusebio is an 80 year old catholic investigador we have. We knocked on the door, but looking in the window, its seemed that nobody was home so I just thought “Whatever, God wants me to learn something from this I´m sure”. I knocked one for time and Eusebio came running out (seriously he walks really fast) puts his hat on, grabs his Book of Mormon from his desk, opens the door and says “alright lets go!” I was so happy!!! Sitting in church, we saw the tender mercies of the Lord as more and more of our investigadores started coming in, and even the Ramirez family we´re teaching. 

     This week, one of my dear friends passed away. He was the Elders Quorom president, my neighbor, friend, and the hardest worker in our branch. It has been really hard for me. I feel so sad. I am grateful however for the example he gave me and everyone else.  I love the plan of salvation, knowing that I can see him again 🙂
I love you all!