This week was so great!

     Monday for Pday, we went grocery shopping in the market! It is so beautiful!
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P1040274 P1040275 
     Wednesday we had a lesson with a sister named Pamela. During our lesson, he baby peed all over her leg because she doesn´t like diapers.
Thursday  morning we bought 100 pieces of bread! Its call pitipan and its so yummy!
     Our way to interviews in the morning was pretty crazy. This girl was little short tempered and decided to get out of the taxi on her side (instead of letting us get out so she could get out on the safe side) and right as she opened her door, a huge bus came whizzing by and took it with him! It was so scary! AND the taxi still gave her her change and didn´t say anything to her!!!
P1040273 P1040280 P1040279 P1040281 P1040283 P1040271 P1040270
      That morning was our last interview with President Douglas because he will be finishing this month and President McGinn is coming in his place for my last 3 transfers. It was the BEST interview!
     Saturday was so great! We had a lesson with Eutemio. He is a less active as of 10 years and we are helping him to come back. He has attended church twice and is reading the chapters we give him in the Book of Mormon. Saturday in our lesson, before we even started, started talking about the chapter he had read and how everything made sense. He said, “Now I understand. I know God lives. Thank you Sisters, for helping me understand. I know God exists”
AHHHH!!!! It was so amazing! The scriptures are SO powerful!