Hello Lovies!! I hope everything is fabulous!

     Tuesday was such a great day! The only thing i can say is that every lesson was just filled with the spirit! We  visited a family that live in the middle of NOWHERE. Seriously, I thought we had walked to another state it was so far. The husband of the family is a less active, and hasn´t gone to church in about 2 years. We started to talk about the atonement of Jesus Christ, how he suffered for each one of us and Nicolas (the dad) started to cry.  He said he felt so ashamed for distancing himself from the church which held him from baptizing his daughter and being sealed in the temple with his family. It was so sad! He stopped going to church because he had to work.
     “Why do you work?”
     “To support my family.”
     “Why do you want to support your family?”
     “Because I love them. I want to give them all I can.”
     “Yet you’re robbing them from the best thing you could give them! If we don´t go to church, or keep the commandments, we will never be worthy to enter the temple and be sealed as a family. If we´re not sealed as family, who cares what happens in this life? It will mean NOTHING in the next life. Its so crazy how wrong our perspective can be. The gospel is the best thing we could ever give our family. Everything we do in this life should be to fight for the next.”
     WEDNESDAY! Wednesday we were in the house of a family who is investigating the church. They are so great! Anyway, in the middle of the lesson we heard this huge bang, boom, explosion type of noise. OK…….. Yea, we ignored it, finished, and left. On the way  home we passed a house and everyone was in the street, the police were there and everything. Turns out some crazies had planted a bomb in the house as a “warning”. So scary!
     I hope everybody is doing well! My companion and I are loving Pisco. We made some crazy videos this week and made Alfajores (best food in Peru) with Mamá Chef:)
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     SHOUTOUT to BRYAN for your letter! I loved it! HAILEY Happy Birthday! I love you!!
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