Well, This week we had a multizone and I exploded my bag of sauce all over Sister Tharp!!! She is serving here with her husband and seriously. My green sauce was dripping from her hair and glasses and her husbands white shirt!!´She was so nice about it!!!!

On the spriritual part. The other day my companion and I were walking in the morning returning to our house for lunch. Red, sweating, hair everywhere, dieing from the heat. We were asking every single store if they P1030792 P1030788 P1030789 P1030790 P1030791had bread but nobody had it and we didnt know what we´d eat for lunch.  Well, we stopped at the very last store and asked the lady if she had bread. She said NO. Yea ok, vamos.  We were going to leave and she said “wait! Ill go see what we have” She walked into her house and came out with a bag with three pieces of bread. “Its not much, but its all we have”. We couldn´t even speak. She wouldn´t let us reject it. As we walked away she came running down the street to give us both a package of Ritz. I thought of the lady in the Bible who gave two coins and the Lord said she had given more than everybody because she gave all she had. The people have such big hearts here. I love them so much. We knew she wouldn´t be able to buy bread for her kids until the next day because we asked all the stores, yet she gave us all she had. It was the best lunch Id had in a year.

I love all of you so much!!!!

Hermana Freyre