Hello Everyone!!!

So A TON has happened this week but I just wanted to talk about one story that a few of you already know.

So we reactivated a little old man named Oscar. He lost his ability to walk about ten years ago. Has kids and grandkids and nobody in his house is member. Every sunday he is the first person in the Chapel and brings his books, and crawls into sacrament somehow. Every time we see him we feel the spirit.

The other day we had a lesson with him and we were talking about missionary work. Oscar told us how he had shared the gospel with all his neighbors and it was so cute. Later we started to speak on service and Oscar started to collect tears in his eyes. He said “so many people have helped me, and I feel so bad that I can´t do things anymore. I want to help” and he cried in his chair. It touched my heart so much to see that Oscar wanted so bad to help. He cried not becuase he couldn´t walk, but because he couldn´t help. He has such a good heart. I felt so much peace, seeing him there knowing that one day Oscar will be perfect. I love that the gospel gives us hope in all things. I know its true.

This Sunday, we passed his house and he was sitting outside all alone reading his scriptures. While he was in church his son had come over with friends, and alcohol. He didn´t want to be in there because he knows its wrong and he just sat there happily reading the word of God.

I love his example to me. He helps my faith grow.

I love all of you!!!!!!!

Love, Hermana Freyre