First of all…I completed 11 months yesterday!! What???? To celebrate we bought arroz con leche and the dear cook gave me a free fly! How sweet!!

Ok so I´m not sure if I have told all of you about Silvia. We knocked her door one day and she let us in and told us that she had been praying for somebody to come and show her the way. She accepted a baptismal date right away and we are teaching her and her two grandsons. Her two grandsons are David and Jeison. They were living in this house alone, and abondoned, now they come to church every single week and love reading the scriptures. Silvia came to live here and take care of her grandkids since the mom walked out. She told us the other day that she knew that all these bad things happened so that she could be here in Pisco to open the door when we knocked. She said that she was talking to Jeison and asking him about the church and he told her “Im getting baptized. There are no questions, I am sure. It´s my decision.” She was crying when she told us and she said I know that everything happens for a reason and now these orphan boys will be able to have the gospel.

I love how Heavenly Father puts together every detail. I know He is a god of miracles and we just need to have faith in HIS timing. If we are faithful, everything will be OK. I just know it.

I love you all so  much!

These fotos are of a baptism of KayTi from the ward (not ours) but they wanted to take pictures with me because im white haha

Getting attacked by pelicans

my companion chopping my hair……..and more


yuck, it was free with the food


Photo opp because of my celebrity status- I’m white


The attack


Trust with scissors…


It’s beautiful here


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