Hello Everybody!! 

Today mismo, I am completing ten months! I can´t even believe how fast the time is! I only have 34 weeks left! PLUS my birthday is in 15 days!
Ten Months!

Ten Months!

This week was really great! Saturday we had a multizone in Chincha and I got to see Hermana Hansen which was the highlight of my past six months!
 I got to see Hermana Hansen which was the highlight of my past six months!

I got to see Hermana Hansen which was the highlight of my past six months!

The other day we had a lesson with a Family that we really love. The mom is called Flor and she was a less active that we are rescuing. She has two sons that want to get baptized, Antonio and Alex. Well, the other night their friend was there and asked if he could sit in on the lesson….duh. We taught about prophets and the word of wisdom. Through out the lesson Seit (the little friend) was asking really good questions and we were like omgoodness!! Because he´s only ten. Anyway, at the end of the lesson, he asked us if the word of wisdom was a commandment….yes…¿so why isn´t it found within the 10 commandments? so we explained a little about the restoration and modern day revelation. We asked everybody in the room if they would live the word of wisdom, including Seit and they all said yes. We asked Seit, ¿Why? and he said “because God commanded us to do it” We were like omgoodness!!!!!! BUTTT we didn´t count him as new investigador because he´s 10.
Well, Sunday, Flor and the boys passed for his house for church but his Dad said mejor the next week because Seit hadn´t eaten breakfast yet. However, in the middle of sacrament, Seit walks in! “Hola Hermanas!” =0…He walked all the way to church all by himself. He stayed for all three hours. When church ended he came up to us, “Hermanas, do you visit people in their houses?” Yes. “Could you come to my house?” YES. “Do you want me to write down my address?” YESSS!!!!  Well, turns out his dad had come half way through church, to bring Seit a mango because he was worried that he hadn´t eaten, and the Elders invited him to stay and he did. We will be seeing them this week=)
Second story. We are getting everybody ready to go to the temple this weekend. We called the Elders to ask if (lets call her) Mary would be going to the temple this week. They said she really wanted to go, she had names to bring and everything, but they weren´t sure if she had the money but they´d check tomorrow. We told him “we´re really sorry, but we need to know now so we can save the seats”. The Elder asked how much it was….thought for a little…..”OK, mark her down. Whatever she doesn´t have, I´ll pay it.”
I am so thankful for all the examples I have here. I feel so unworthy to be a missionary sometimes. There are so many incredible people. If we as missionaries can love the people so much, I can´t even imagine how much Heavenly Father loves all of them.
I love you all!! I love hearing from you all!
Hermana Freyre