So yes we had cambios!!! I am now in Pisco!! I am still burning!!!!!! Leaving Nazca was sooooooo sad. I was crying along with pretty  much the whole relief society. I had grown women crying in my arms saying “mi hija! no te vas!!” it was so dramatic and sad!!!!!!
The good news is that I really love Pisco! We live on a little dirt road with a bunch of little kids that always come to our window, and share an apartment with a million of our insect friends.
As we are working in family history, we are hoping that we can go to the temple this month sometime which will be awesome!!!! We are the only sisters in this giant zone and I feel so weird, coming from Nazca to this. Every person that asks me where I am from I tell them a different answer and so far I am from almost every part of the world!!
For Valentines day we recieved a rose from president…awwww;)
We also did a service project in this house that was like a jungle!!! We gathered all the dead leaved and burned them!! It was so awesome!!!
My companion is Hna Muñoz from Chile. She is an excellent teacher and amazing braider!!!!!!
I love you all so much!!!!
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