Well, first off, I am sorry for my terrible letter the week anterior. These past two weeks have been really hard. Three people from my area passed away unexpected, three different days in the past two weeks. I had been so so sas, and without comfort because my companion has only been here for a few weeks, and these are my friends that I seen and loved for the passed five months. One the people was Mexli´s dad. She is the girl we baptized in December, and her birthday is next week. I have been praying like crazy to find comfort in the Lord´s plan. I love that the plan of salvation gives hope to all things. We teach the plan all the time, but with these events, I could see that even I, being a missionary, had to strengthen my faith in it. I know that the Lord is with me.
On a happier note…
23rd I completed nine months and took my half way pictures
24th I had to say the closing prayer in our zone meeting and I was asked to give it in english! It was SO bad! I sounded like a total idiot.
I have a funny story and a spiritual one.
Spiritual: The other day my comp and I were walking to an appointment and my obesity kicked in and I told my comp I had to by some Ritz. So we passed a house with a store and thought “oh here!”. As we entered I was thinking how weird it was that is was so close and we had never been here before. I´m not totally sure how it started but the lady and I started talking and we talked for a really long time! Meanwhile I could hear my companion reading scriptures to these two guys that were drinking behind us hahaha. Anyway, the lady in the store, Vasilia, told me she was so glad I stopped by and talked to her. She told me I made her feel better and there is something about me she really likes. SHe said “I see you pass my house everyday, and I don´t know what it is, but something makes me feel good. Could you come and teach my family Sunday?” HECK YES WE CAN! So we did, we taught her and her son and neice. Two days later we stopped by again. When we sat with her she told us “I have felt different ever since you came. I believe its true”  WOOHOOO!!
Funny: We taught a lesson to  an old lady and at the end we asked her if she could say the closing prayer. Well..she started out strong and all the sudden…silence. I´m like OK…so I peaked one eye open and she was totally asleep!
I love you all so much! I know the church is true and that this is where I need to be.
P.S. My new address is
Ave. Jorge Chavez 1272
Santiago de Surco


cece streetFeb 10th- I have a newer new address:
Av. Jorge Chávez 1072
Santiago de Surco
Lima 33