Well we started the week out strong by having the zone leaders pound the door at 11pm because our phone didn´t have service to call at night and they thought we died. We had a water war for Pday and its pretty much like heaven since we’re dying here in the heat.

Thursday, while we were knocking a door, these two little kids ran up to me and asked me if i wanted a dog. I asked them how much it was and they said ..mmm… one second..and to ask their little gang of 6yr olds how much. They came running back saying it cost 5soles which like a buck fifty hahaa They told me …We just found it in the street, do you want it or not?… I was going to explain that we weren´t allowed but all i said was no, and in he cut me off and said …pshh yea vamos…. and they walked away ahah I was dying.
Im sending pictures of the chapel and this hideous peruvian dog that everyone keeps trying to tell me I need to let it sit on my chest to heal my asthma and my nine months and I dont know what else!
God is the owner of this business

Shoplifting deterrent- this sign says, “God is the owner of this business”

poster cece and comp cece close up Cece Food cece in old truck cab cece poster