Tuesday– Well, Monday night I slept with a flee in my sock. I woke up with so many bites I looked like walking bubble wrap. 11 bites on one foot! We finally finished decorating famiy history and it is so cute! I put up a big tree and we are putting pictures and summaries of the people we find. I put a picture or Emma and her letter to her little brother she wrote when she was 93. Also Tuesday night when we were finally in bed, my comp says “pssst comp? Tonight when you said the prayer, I heard a latina=)” It made my life.

Wednesday– Breyan came to family history. He`s a recent convert. He was an only child with just him and his mom. His mom died a couple years ago and he is 100% alone. He wrote his mother`s story and we put it on the tree. It was so beautiful! We got hamburgers that night which was the best. We saw our landlord outside and she seemed kinda sad so I asked her if she was ok and she started going off about her sick mother and how she doesn`t want to take care of her anymore and prays for her to die. She said it with such a calm sweet voice I wasn`t sure if i was understanding correclty haahaha my companion confirmed it when we finally got in the house hahaha I was like omgoodnessssss.
Thursday– OK. Let me just explain our house. We have mold. Wedont have a fridge ormicroçwave or sink or anything so milk goes bad in a day because it`s so hot and my bread was rock hard in a day. We don`t have hot water and the water is so cold I have to shower at a90degree angle so my hairdoesnt touch my back becauseIm like suffocating of the cold. Not to mention there are so many bugs in there I feel like I have paparazzi. The most exciting thing of that day is that I received a card from my mom and from theKonolds which was the funniest, greatest thing ever.Ive read them both like ten times.

Friday– We realized its 85 degrees in the house. We went to Marcona!!! It is the area of the elderes that is like an hour away. I got so homesick when I saw the beach!!! The way there was just a drive through nothing! It was just desert. I am 100% sure it is where Lehi dwelt in his tent. The way back was crazy. Our seat in the van wasnt even connected so we kept moving back and forth and then he couldnt put the seat down and we had to climb over them in our skirts. When we got out the driver asked me where I was from and I told him Cuba. As we walked away he yelled “BYE CUBA!!!”
AHHH! I am out of time so I can`t write more! Im sorry! I wanted to share spiritual experiences but we`re going to make pizzas so I cant!!
I love you all!!

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