Dec 22- I decided to get a little festy and bought a peruvian nativity set! I also had a three minute call with my family and cried in front of everybody.
Dec 23- I received two packages from my Mommy!!! Opened one and saved one for Christmas! We also had intercambios and bought Pizza!
Dec 24-We had a big delicious dinner at the Fowler´s house who are the married missionaries here that take care of us. We also had a gift exchange and then a SLUMBER PARTY! We sleptover at the hermana´s house and went up on the roof to watch the fireworks! I was crazy!! We didn´t even know which direction to look there were so many!
Dec 25- I saw my family!!!!!!! Best and shortest hour of my life!! My comp and I opened presents we bought for eachother and I opened my package from MOM which had the cutest christmas headband so I changed my clothes just match it and wear it all day. Plus I got vitamins which is so amazing!!!! I guard them with my life and its the only thing I won´t share with my companion. Later that night we took selfies with our investigators.
Dec 26- We had an emergency trip to ICA..don´t want to talk about it.
Dic 27- Mexli got baptized! It was the best baptism and she gave the cutest most sincere and strong testimony ever!!
Dic 28- We had cambios:( We cried. My comp went to Lima and my new comp is Hermana Torres from Chile. We´ll also be working in Family History so at least we get to go to the temple!
Dic 29- First day with Hermana Torres. We walked ALL day and I found this little person in their little car and when i took my camera out to take a picture of him he didnt even move haha
I love you all so much!!
Pray for me this cambio!!
Love Hermana Freyre