Hello Everybody!!

This week was amazing!!!! My companion and I taught more lessons than the number of excellence and had a ton of investigadores y menos activos in the church on Sunday!!! We are on fire and loving it!! My comp is in Lima for concilio this week so I am a little scared and stressed out but I´m sure it will all be fine!
My companion and I were a little scared that we weren´t going to have anything to write about this week because nothing super exciting happened, but then Sunday happened! Sunday, during the second hour, my companion got up to lead the opening hymn, and this lady who was holding her baby started screaming “Help me! Help me!” Her husband was having a seizure. All the men ran to him and tried to hold him and help, all the women ran to the otherside of the room to cry, and those too lazy to move started yelling things like “lift up his hands!” “Get a fan!”. It was crazy. I felt so bad watching him suffer through that. I can´t imagine how humble he has to be in a situation like that. Him and his wife.
On a brighter side, we´ve been teaching a less active Romina. Her mom is less active too but won´t listen. Romina was electricuted and had to have surgery on her face and couldn´t leave her house. Anyway, the miracle is that she has an older brother, non-member, who NEVER will listen. This week, as we were teaching Romina, he passed us and we invited him to join and he said OK! We were like whaaatttt?!?! The next lesson we had with Romina, her brother Raul was inside with all his guy friends, and left all of them in his house to sit outside in our lesson!! He is reading the book of mormon and came to church! He even stayed an extra hour to listen to our coucil meeting hahaa.
Anyway, I love you all so very much!!


investigator and family

cece tired

cece and comp by christmas tree

christmas hat

christmas elves

christmas lawn angel

tree full length

Read, Pray, and Go to church!!
Love, Hermana Freyre
Sorry if I have repeat Pictures, I suck at computers!