Hey loviessss!!!!!


This week was so great! My companion and I are on fire with animos! We are trying hard to be consecrated missionaries and this week we met, and subimos (I literally cannot think of how to say this english for life of me im so sorry) our goals!!! We met the number of excellence in our lessons and we are so pumped!
sunset on the dirt road

santa Cece and comp

Cece with mail

cece with H

cece on tarp

cece and two on tarp
Our convert, Daniela, really wants to go on a mission and has been accompaning us in our lessons which is awesome because it is so hard here to have members with us! Nobody wants to leave their houses in the sun.
We also have a new investigador se llama Walter and he is the greatest! I contacted him just to be funny really because he was standing outside on his balcony, and he said we could teach him and gave us refrences! He came to church yesterday and is reading the book of mormon!! Woohoo!!

Anyway, I love you all!!!

If you want a christmas card, send me your address and you will probably get one in febrero!!!