This week was a week of MIRACLES!!!! Seriously everyday we had a miracle! Ill be fast because I don`t have much time!! Also the internet is down so if they`re no pictures its because it failed!

Ok, Monday: Pday. We had a waterballoon fight and it was awesome! We went to teach an investigador and a member just had to be in her house so we got a lesson with a member! Later we had a lesson with this family who is amazing! They want to get baptized with their kids but they aren`t married so we had to talk to them about it and we were a little scared because we know the mom doesn`t want to. Well, we had a member with us that is a convert and bore her testimony and it was soooooo spiritual everyone was crying including the dad and ME!
Tuesday: My comp was trying to find a paper. I watched her for an hour look the house (1 room house) up and down for it until she finally decided to pray. She knelt down, prayed, and as soon as she finished she walked directly to where it was and found it! Later that day we left to procelyte and this car drove passed us and yelled “snowwhite!” at me. Later later that day, we took a taxi with a Less active to historia familiar. Well, it wasn´t until the taxi left that i realized i left our cellphone in the taxi. We called our numver form a public phone and the guy answered and said he would turn around, and HE DID!! Tell me the chances of that!!!! In Peru!!!!!!!!!
Wednesday: We had a lesson with a new investigadora. Her name is Cecilia so yea i like her. Anyway, again, everybody was crying. She said she felt good and happy and peaceful and asked us why it made her cry. It was so amazing! Later we were taking a taxi back home from a cita. The road is a long straight road with nothing so the pèople drive super super super fast. Anyway, our taxi driver decided to enter the road while a semi truck was coming our way. I saw it coming super fast so I looked through the back winsheild to check our living circumstances. The semi was coming up insanley fast, and our taxi, keep in mind is like the size of a smart car, I thought for sure I was going to die and my last three words would have been “freak freak freak!”. I am not even kidding, it was two inches from hitting us and I know there were angels with us because I have NO IDEA how we are alive right now.
Thursday: More amazing lessons. We taught a less active who cried and told us how she knew the church was true and she reads and prays but she can´t go to church because she is so hurt from what the members had done. Its amazing how often we forget our own imperfections, and judge others for theirs.
Friday; Mircale of the month is Raysa had her interview to be rescued!! While she was in the interview with the president she left her baby in the hall and it started crying and my comp and I were doing every stupid, shameful thing we could to make it stop (since we can’t hold it) and a member came to the rescue and the perfect time which was a mircale because we’ve been trying to get this guy the priesthood and he was there for his interview!

Saturday: Day of cambios. We had breakfast at the Fowler´s house and a gift exchange! It was so fun! We somehow got tricked into running an errand with this member family and we had to wait in the back of the car and the dad bought us icecream.

Ice Cream!

Ice Cream!

We sang at a baptism which wasn´t planned and it was terrrrrible.

conference zone

cece with cows

tiny town street

pig head in fridge

food in the fridge

bread with face

WE DIDNT GET CAMBIOS!!! woohooo! I will be in Nazca for a while!! Just in time for summer!