Hello All!

This week was so insane and stressful! My companion was in Lima allllll week (until thursday night) and so I had to lead the area here. Hermana Wilkins and I tried to find members to be our companions so we could work in our areas, which meant A TON of time in Taxis back and forth between Nasca and Vista Alegre since we can never be alone. The Lord was seriously giving us miracles though because all went well and we are alive and well. I was  soooooo happy to have my companion back. The last member we had didn´t know the lessons and actually fell asleep in the last two, haha!

Anyway, We had a baptism!!!!! Daniela is 13 and super quiet but has a good testimony and it was so beautiful! It was so amazing because she hardly ever expresses anything porque es super timida but in our last lesson before her baptism she told us she wanted to serve a mission!! We were like yes! Go to the USA! The night of her baptism, we noticed they didn´t have a towel when they walked in and it completely escaped our minds to bring one. So, while she was changing, my companion and I ran, in our faldas, all the way to this members house and back to conseguir a towel. With a trail of dogs behind us, we arrived sweaty and red just in time for pictures!
Here are pictures of interviews, sneaking on the roof of the hotel, baptism and idk what else!
baptism baptism  alone on the roof the city at night sleeping on the floor cece

Love you all!!

Hermana Freyre