Hello my Lovies!

How was Halloween??? Miss you all! This week was soooo busy! Last monday we all traveled to Lima and it was SO weird seeing civilization! We stayed in a hotel with two other companionships and ate pizza! My companion and I snuck onto the roof and took pictures! ( We didn´t actually know we were sneaking until they kicked us off).

Tuesday I had my doctor´s appointment and received yet another list of prescriptions. We also helped this poor lost lady who didn´t speak spanish and was trying to get to her appointment and she was so frustrated it was hilarious, pobrecita. I went with Hermana Wilkins to get her hair dyed after my appointment and afterwards we went to chilis!! Like, the restaurant! We had real food AND A PAZOOKI!!!!!! Mom I totally thought of you.

Wednesday Hna Wilkins and I returned to Nasca without our companions or any real plans. We were a little nervous because we don´t know our areas very well and had citas in cada area. Well, This was seriously a day of miracles! Miracle after miracle happened and we had such a great day! I seriously know Heavenly Father was watching over and helping us out, we were both like omgoodness!!!

Friday we had interviews with President Douglas. He is so inspired! My companion and I discussed a lot of ways on how we can improve and become more consecrated missionaries and we are so excited baptize everyone in Vista Alegre! We have a baptism this Saturday!

Saturday my shoe flew off while we were walking and I had to hop so the ground didn’t burn my feet. Later that day we were walking to lunch and Elder Walker stepped on the hose which flew up from the ground and soaked me like crazy and everyone was laughing at me.

We had a super spiritual experience this week. We taught Maria who has a date to be baptized and her son. They told us that they have been reading the BOM together every night and whole family want to be baptized together! SORRY I’M OUT OF TIME!

I love all of you sooooooo much!!!!

Hermana Freyre