To make up for the past two week I am writing first to everybody. Please excuse all the mistakes, this key board is not only in spanish but alllllll the keys stuckkkkkkkkkk.

OK. Monday was Pday! My companion and stuck together just us and went shopping! We were searching for faldas and everyone told us we would never find them but we did! Not only that but the cute little lady there gave me a free skirt that I really wanted and told me to keep preaching the gospel. It was so cute I almost cried! Right after that some guy bought us free drinks! It was awesome! We didn’t drink it of course because they serve the drinks to everybody in the streets with the same glass. Its some weird brown drink…we’re not really sure.

I cut my hair monday! The lady that did it is Hermana Rosita and she is so cute! She cut it and straightened it and wouldn’t let me pay! The joke is that afterwards we came straight from her to internet and when we walked in, EVERYBODY stopped and starred at me! The only difference was that my hair was straight and everybody was like frozen in their chairs because I never look good and they were all in shock ahaha.

Tuesday we had an amazing lesson with one of our investigadores that has fecha bautismal. The first lesson we taught her whole family. Her parents aren’t married and said they wouldn’t get married because they had a lot problems and didn’t want to. This next lesson we had, was super duper spiritual and her parents said they wanted to marry so they could one day get baptized!! We were like omgoodness!!!!!

Wednesday we had intercambios. There are only four hermanas here. Hermana Wilkins and I are the newbees and our latina companions are the sisterleaders so they have to go on cambios with all the hermanas aqui and in Ica. Long story short, Hermana Wilkins and I were stuck here all alone and LOST the whole day. We had no idea where we were. BUTTTTT we visited a less acitve named Mama Rina. She LOVES the missionaries, and all the missionaries that have passed through here have carved their names in her walls, outside and inside the house. After we taught her, she handed us a nail and told us to carve our names and it was so much fun!

writing on the wall
the wall
Thursday was the best!! I COMPLETED MY SIX MONTHS!!!!! happy six months
6 months waffles
Hermana Wilkins made me French Toast in the morning, we had servicio, where we dug a pig pen and got major flees, and in the night we burned! My companion, this very same date completed one year so as tradition she burned a shirt!
6 mos. out sock burning I burned a sock ahaha and we ate cheesecake that Hermana Wilkins and I made. It was such a fun day!!
funny faces

Nothing happened Friday.

Saturday our district leader that was in Ica brought us back alfajores!!!! We ate all of them in one day!! MMMMMmmmmm.

Domingo was super interesting. We went to get a less active for church. When we showed up, we walked out totally drunk hold a pamphlet of the restuartion that we gave him. He told us that God sent him “uno daña” in his chest, we asked him who it was and he said that it was his neighbor. We were like, “ya, y que mas?” and he said “es una niña” hahaha and he was like whispering the whole time. It was so great. Needless to say, he didn´t come to church.

OK OK OK  funny mixup I had. We were all in the kitchen with our pension, and the Hermana asked me if I like to cook, and I replied “uhhh me gusta mas orinar” Which means no I like more to urinate haha I was trying to say bake which is Hornear.

I love you all!! Mission is the best! Our little rama is really progressing and our numbers are increasing every week. My companion and I are gonna rock Nasca!!!

Hermana Freyre