Hello Everybody!!!

This week was so exciting! We went to the Nazca Lines last week and I have to say……it wasn´t that exciting without a plane but it was still adventurous!
During the week I saw a ton of new animals, and we got to watch a rooster fight!
nazca lines

The Nazca Lines seen from an airplane.

We had a CRAZY lesson! We asked a member of our ward if we could use her house for the lesson. Before we even started saying anything, this guy just went offffff about the bible and how the bible has everything and blah blah blah. It was ridiculous, he wouldn´t let us say anything and if we did he didn`t care. I think he must have said “biblia” like 200 times and we were all trying so hard to die laughing…

This past Sunday was my first Domingo in our little Rama. We meet in a Casa Capilla which is a chapel… a house. The majority of the people there by the end were the people that my companion and I or the Elders had committed to coming. When we showed up, there was 14 people there. I was so impressed to see that most of the attendance was teenagers who come completely on their own without parental support. It was so great to see how strong they are!
Children's Parade

Children’s Parade

This morning a huge parade of little kids walked the streets with a band and they crossed right in front of our house. There were hundreds of little kids form 2nd grade and they were so cute!!!!!!!
Sorry I am out of time!!! I love you all!!!!!!

Hermana Freyre!

fotos proxima semana proque no tengo tiempo, lo siento mucho!