WOOHOOOOO!! I FINALLY got a cambio!!!! I am so beyond excited! I am now in Nazca! It is superrrrrrr south!!! We traveled all day yesterday on bus, slept in Ica for four hours and got back on the bus at 6am and now I am here!! There are four Hermanas in my zone and they are like the four best hermanas!! I am so incredibly excited!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY  MOM AND DAD!! Best parents in the world! I am so grateful for you two and all you have done for me. I send you both letters (along with 20 others for the fam) and the day after I sent the package the post office went on strike!! You may never get it but know that it was sent with a lot of love!!!!
Nasca is supposed to be ridiculously hot. Everybody says its the “infierno” and I am soooo hoping I can be here for Christmas but I might melt.
My new companion was in my first zone, her name is Hermana Galo and she is from Honduras!
Saying bye to everybody was the hardest thing ever!! When I told the first family I was leaving they ALL cried!!!! Which made me cry of course. The people here are so loving it is incredible.
We haven´t had Church. This past Sunday was elections and it is a law that now reunions are permitted, and this next Sunday we will be watching conference. I am so excited!
I love you all so so so much!!!
On cloud 100,
Hermana Freyre