Today is the five month mark from the day my parents dropped me off at the airport!! I can’t even believe it! The time is so fast!

This past week was full of adventure and learning. We had a Multizone Conference on the sixteen and it was so great. I had to practice in front of EVERYBODY including the mission president and I thought my body was going to burst into flames, but it went really well and I learned a ton. We talked about how to make plans to back up our goals, faith, baptism, the atonement, and the Book of Mormon.

The focus on the Book of Mormon was great. It is completely central to the gospel of Christ. If we don’t have a testimony of the Libro de Mormon we can never preserve to the end. If El Libro de Mormon es true, everything else is as well, and the only way to find out, is by reading and praying. We have a mission goal to read the whole LDM by the end of Diciembre, and it is so much fun! I am so into it, I read it every chance I get! I pretty much highlight every word, it is so good! I challenge all of you to read it!!!

President also talked to us about working. Trabajar, Trabajar, Trabajar! He spoke specifically to the Hermanas and said “Si un hombre no trabaja, no sirve” meaning, if a guy doesn’t work, he’s not worth it. REMEMBER THAT GIRLS! Never settle for somebody you’ll have to babysit.

We had a lesson the other day with a less active and her mom, and all the family. It was the first time I had seen them since the beginning of my mission. The mom looked at me and told me that I have gained a ton of weight since she saw me last jajaja she was like “eras bien delgalda cuando llegó”. I was like…yes..thank you for pointing that out for me jajaja

For the next year, our area of Chorrillos, will be receiving all the missionaries from the CCM every other Saturday to procelyte. It is the same as what I did in the CCM. The purpose is for the missionaries to gain experience, and it is such a blessing for us because we recieve a ton of names to visit! It is so great to see the work hastening so much, to see people and whole families changing and gaining a totally new, different kind of happiness. We have a ward of 200 active member (mas o menos)……we have 800 inactives…in our ward. We need more missionaries entonces! I wish the members understood the impact they could have on bringing people back to the gospel, or to the gospel. We have so many brothers and sisters waiting for us to help them remember their eternal worth!

Yesterday we had lunch with a member. Nosotros dos, and the Elders.Behind a big green, metal “door”, was dirt pathway, with tiny wooden houses, alot of unused, broken objects, and animals roaming everywhere. This is where she lived. After she fed us, she showed us her cages of guinea pigs and turkeys, and turtles, and chickens. She picked up one of the guinea pigs to show us how to hold it when you need to kill it for a meal and the poor thing was just screaming and crying. We walked back to her house, ducking under all the clothes that were hang drying outside and helped her with the dishes. She was the sweetest lady, with her faithful family. We were so grateful for her and for her example. Everyday, the people teach us missionaries.

Love you all so much!!

Hermana Freyre