Hello everybody!!

I think all of you should know that this group is called “All my lovies”. The truth is we had a super amazing week and I took a million a photos to send to everybody and I forgot my camera cord… 😦

Next week!!

First off, this week we witnessed a robbery!! Nothing crazy like the elders who got robbed at gunpoint, but still exciting. My companion and I were walking down the street and we just heard this lady screaming and then this joven ran passed us super duper fast with her purse and that was that. I was like OMGoodness!!! It was just down the street where we live!

Secondly is Saturday. Saturday was the best day ever!! Every weekend we eat with members, so we went to this members house and had a great lunch. It was the same as every meal, meat, rice, and  potatoes. My carne had white stuff on it, and I thought perhaps it had been wrapped and there was still some paper on it, so I took it off. However I started to realize that ALL the meat had it and I was  thinking “how in the world did this lady cook all this with the paper!” I was too lazy to pick it all off so I thought “Whatever, paper isn´t the weirdest thing Ill eat here” and finished it all. Once we had left, I was telling my companion “Wow I really like that meal, but did your food have paper in it? My meat had paper” My companion looked at me so confused and told me “Are you serious?? That wasn´t carne with paper it was cat liver!” I was so dying.


From there we hurried to our 3PM baptism. We arrived around 2:45 and nobody was there and the gate was locked!! Well two hours later we had the most amazing baptism ever!! Pamela turned and cried and hugged us before entering the water and it was so amazing to see her in there and have all five of her kids watching their mom make this covenant. Afterwards, Pamela and Samata both bore their testimonies. Samanta is a baptism of the elders in our ward. She is 17, and so great! Her brother, is inactive but came to her baptism. When she bore her testimony, her brother was totally crying! It was so amazing and so spiritual. Even I cried!!  OK, that night we had the most amazing dinner ever with the elders at the house of Familia Pontee, and he used to be a chef so yea, we ate like champions. Hermana Santiago and I payed for a surprise cake for Edler Diaz who had his birthday yesterday. Long story short, our investigator shoved his face in the cake while he was blowing out his candles and I thought I was going to die we were all laughing so hard. He said he wanted to be the one to baptize her and we were laughing so hard as he was acting out him holding her under the water saying “remember my birthday?!” Saturday was also my 4 MONTHS! I cannot even believe the time is so fast!

I have a new companion! Her name is Hermana Chavez, also from Mexico, also speaks english. I am so excited!

I love you all! Pictures next week I promise!!!!

Hermana Freyre