Hello Everybody!!

I am sorry I didn´t write last week but there is never any time!!
Ok so all the missionaries here have a pensionista who is just a person that cooks their meals for them. However, my companion and I eat at a menu instead because its cheaper, closer, and we can choose what we eat. So the guy who owns the restaurant, Anders knows our oder and all the cooks now that my companion always asks for no dressing or extra salad and I always want it all. Long story short, we decided to contact Andres and ask if we could visit him and teach him what we share as missionaries. OMGOODNESS HE´S THE BEST!!! He is reading and praying, and one time we showed up to his house and he was watching the restauration, and he invites like all his friends so we have like six investigadores thanks to him. Anyway, one night we were teaching him and the cooks, and they were asking us about our lives as missionaries and they know we eat in the restaurant for lunch so they were asking us what we did for dinner and they were like “or do you not eat at night?” and then they all looked at me and universally said “Yea she eats at night!” and all pointed at me. It was like the biggest fat moment I´ve had in Peru it was so funny.
This saturday we have two baptisms!!! I am so excited! One of them is for Clara. Clara is a 70 widow we found one day on accident. We were searching for names on a list of menos activos, and we came to her house and yea it was the wrong house so yea, thanks, sorry, bye. Then one day we just decided to go back and talk to her. She let us in and said she believe in Christ but didn´t believe He loved her and said she hand´t felt the love of God in her life blah blah blah. The first Sunday we went to her house to bring her to church, we had to dress her and do her hair, and the past two sundays she´s been ready before we got there! Its the best!
The Other is for Pamela. She is about 28 and has five kids. Two sets of twins! Her house is always chaos and its the best! She has been investigating the church for a year, she knows everything, she pays ofrendas, she bears her testimony on fast sundays, shes pretty much a member but couldnt get married because she wasnt married but she can and its like monumental for the whole ward! By the way our ward is like almost three hundred people.
We saw a car accident this week which was exciting but not surprising in Peru.
hole in skirt!

Also everything here is gated, and every gate is like a bunch of little spears so nobody get go under or over. So, the other day we were walking and the wind blew my skirt under a gate, and long story short I know have a whole in my skirt.

Our apartment

Im still trying to figure out the door to my neighbors house


Love you all!!!! Hermana Freyre