Sister day!


This week was awesome! Last monday we decided to have a girls day, so us and another companionship had lunch together and then snuggled up in our apartment to watch 17 Milagros and it was so great!
The next day, my companion and I were accompanied by member, Hermana Maria. She is probably in her 50s but she is super spunky and fun. So, while were walking, she just stopped and ripped this huge plant out of the ground and we were like omgoodness, lets just not ask. WELL, she looked at us sneakily and us “do you know what this is?” to which we responded no, So she told me to hold out my hand and she just whipped me super hard with it and I thought I was going to die!!! It’s a plant called Ortiga and it bites!! My hand was red and itchy and poofy in some areas for two days! Granted, Karma kicked in, even though I wasn´t even mad, and the next day something fell from her ceiling and landed on her foot so she couldn´t walk.
July 31st was Hermana Santiago´s birthday and it was two-day party! The day before we had  huge lunch with the whole zone and they surprised her with a cake and we sang to her.
The day after, on her actual birthday, we got a knock on our door in the morning and it was the Elders! They had made her Happy Birthday sign with Mexico colors and bought her cupcakes! It was so nice! Then we had lunch with a member who decorated her entire house with a huge sign and balloons, and they made super yummy food and cheesecake, later that night another family had bought her a cake, everyone was calling her, and another member bought her a present! It was so much fun and it was so amazing to see that these people who had nothing, did everything for her. This family doesn’t even have a roof over their whole house and they ran out in the rain to by her a cake, or this mour townember that wears the same clothes everyday bought her present and wrapped in beautifully for her. It was amazing and so much fun! That night I did an interpretive dance for her and sang the Mexican happy birthday song. We have videos.
We had training for all the babies on Friday and it was awesome. All of us babies got separated from our comps and were “trained”. We did practices with starting lessons and teaching the Libro de Mormon. I practiced teaching in front of everyone! I was so nervous I thought I was going to pass out but it went super well!!
Happy Birthday Sister!
OK, three weird things that happened:
1) Yesterday we tried contacting this girl we’ve been trying to get a hold of and the door man wouldn´t let us in because apparently the bathroom in the tower flooded the day before and it was our fault for “teaching our truths”? hahaha Our FAULT for teaching TRUTH…so yea, the bathroom flooded.
2) While we were walking the other night, this random girl passing the opposite way just walked up to me, said “Buenas Noches”, kissed me, and kept walking! We were like, what the heck just happened?!?! It was so funny!
3) Yesterday a member fed us Cow Heart!
Shout out to GABY and STERLING and JOCELYN for their birthdays this month! I love you guys! and Sterling is in Columbia right now! Woohoo!
also to ANNA for getting married this month! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!
I love you all so much!!!!!
Hermana Freyre