Hello Lovies!

So this week was a little bit more eventful! My companion and I were accompanied by the mission president! He called us and we were thinking “AH! What did we do?!” but it was amazing!
Wednesday we celebrated my three month anniversary of being away from home by buying three mini empenadas! (and two huge ones).
I asked this lady why none of the houses have roofs here, especially because its raining everyday, and she told me because everybody just builds their own houses so its cheaper to just not have a roof or just put a metal sheet over hald of the place. Its crazy!! Every day I am so grateful for everything I have!
On Sunday the whole congregation, which is usually 250 people, stood up and sang their Peru anthem! It was so cool! Today is Independence Day! We decided to skip the parades, and we invited the other hermanas to our house for a movie and hot chocolate:)

so fat
Ah! OK so yesterday, We ate at a members house and omgoodness. So here, there is always a soup or some appetizer first, then the food and a postre. Ecxept the appetizer is huge! So we finished the soup, and we’re already full, and then this Hermana walks out with our plates and omgoodness, not even kidding, I thought it was the serving plate for the family and she put it down in front of me!!!! It was like a foot of rice and what she said was chicken but we don’t think it was chicken. Every time she left the room, I would put my food on the babies plate and we legit didn’t think we could make it. Omgoodness. I am still full.

Love you all more than life!!!!!

Love, Hermana Freyre.
15 months left!