Hello my Favorites!!!

Ok so I`m going to try and speed through this but this week is full of stories!
So we had zone conference and interviews this week from 930AM to 6PM and we received cellphones!! I don`t like it…I make my companion carry it all the time.
Secondly, I haven´t explained this before but my companion and I have a crazy old lady landlord! She is in her sixties but says she looks 35…she has read hair and the smell and voice of a smoker. Walking passed her door is like walking through Vegas Casinos, and she wears tights for pants everyday. ANYWAY, the other morning during our study she started blasting spanish music and singing on the top of her lungs and we could just not contain ourselves. Keep in mind that we can hear EVERYTHING and everyone because all house here are stacked and together so it sounded like she was singing right there in our house, it was so great. Having the time of her life down there.
The elders in our ward had a baptism this week, so we went in the morning to fill up the font and I told them if we filled it up in the morning, it would be cold by the time the baptism came along, to which they expained that the water was already cold! AHH there is no hot water here, not even to clean dishes. Anyway, so I went to feel the water in unbelief, and it was so still I couldn´t see how full it was and I totally stepped into the water with my shoes and tights!!!
Saturday we ate lunch at members home and they served us first, so this little five year old came down and was telling his mom how hungry he was and he said “Mama ¡sirvame, estory enflacando!” which is like, “Mom feed me, Im loosing weight!” it was so funny and so cute.
Yesterday I saw a gringo!! (white person) We made eye contact and when it clicked that we were both gringos he was like “Hey! How are you?!” it was so exciting! He said it was nice to speak english and I was thinking the same thing!
We need to step up our game! FHE here is SO amazing! Everyone invites everyone and they put so much time and effort and thought into it! It is so much fun and so great!
OK last thing, last friday we had service at this house for this old little lady who had cages and cages of guinea pigs!! Baby guineas mama guineas…..all for food. She said she would make some for us and we were like..uhh its ok..we´re not hungry……
I love all of you so much!!
My comp and I are getting our hair straightened today so Ill send before and after pictures next week! Today this lady told me my hair was dead and ugly but she could cut it for me haha
Forever and ever all my love!!
Hermana Freyre