Exactly today is my two month anniversary!!! So crazy the way time flies!! I am writing later today because I had to go to the doctor this morning. I have fungus on my face. Sexy right?

We had yet another earthquake yesterday! During counsel meeting. Satan was trying to work his magic but it didn´t work, because we continued the meeting.
Last Pday I played volleyball for the first time and it was so fun because I told everyone that I’d never played before so everytime I hit the ball EVERYBODY started screaming and cheering for me!! It was so fun! We also had a reunion de Hermanas which was great! It is once a year where all the Hermanas in our whole mission get together and we had talks by our president and his wife and a couple hermanas. We were served a nice lunch and it was super spiritual and super estrogenic!
On Saturday we had a baptism!!! We baptized Roan and one of his sons! It was so great! My companion and I sang at the baptism and I sang the first verse of I feel my saviors love all alone in english!! Talk about a heart attack. It was super great to see that. His oldest son is a member and baptized them both. His name is Diego so he thought it was funny that Im from San Diego. Peruvian jokes. He has his mission call to Columbia so its awesome he got to do that before he left.
I had my first soda since 8th grade this week! I was sick all night. It was a good experience though because we have an investigator who is super into the church. They come every week, the boys love it, but we can´t baptize them because the parents arent married. So, we went with the YM president to talk to the Dad who was home from a two month trip. While we were there he kept getting up and going into the kitchen and I was thinking how rude he was being blah blah and I was super annoyed. Well, He came out of the kitchen with three bowls of a dessert for me, my comp, and the ym president. The whole time he was cooking up a surprise for us so then I felt bad.
Anyway things are great! People here have doors just big enough to fit through and I think its really funny. Its like doggy doors for people because everyone is so small. I fit in perfect!! JK im white.
Love you all!!
Hermana Freyre
p.s. I finally bought a camera but forgot my cord! Im sorry! Next week!