Buenos Dias my Loves!!!!

This week was pretty great. It went super fast! I had my first companion exchange and it was super fun. We went looking for a certain lady and her daughter answered the door. She said her mom wasn´t home but we could share a message with her. We taught her quickly about families and Gods love and then asked her to say a closing prayer. During her prayer she started to cry and it was super amazing and spiritual! Also, The first week, Hermana Santiago and I were walking down the street when we saw and old man walk passed us. We said hello and kept walking. I looked back at him walking the opposite direction and told Hermana Santiago he seemed lonely and I think we should go talk to him. We hurried to catch up to him and talked to him for a little while. He told us that he lives with family that doesn´t like him and that he feels very lonely all the time. Yay for inspiration!! We have an Investigator, Roan who is getting baptized this month. He has three sons, and his wife just passed away about a month ago. When we were speaking with him after his bishop interview, he said he wanted me to be able to baptize him or his son! We had to explain that we could not but it was so sweet and cute!
Besides that, nothing too exciting. My double chin gets bigger everday and my companion is amazed everyday at how much I can eat and be so small.
Shout out to PETER!! I received three letters from Peter this past week and it made my day!!!
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I love you all soooooooo much!


Cece group photo

Hermana Freyre