Hello my fabulous family!!

I didn’t get to write yesterday because we were doing all the moving! I can´t note anything totally eventful for this week. We were in meetings preparing to go out in to the ¨campo¨ the whole week and it was all in spanish so I just read my scriptures the whole time. My new companion is amazing! Her name is Hermana Santiago from Mexico and speaks amazing english which is awesome for me!! Sorry this is short this week. I´m sure next week Ill have at least one exciting thing to report!! I love all of you so much. Shout out to TAYLOR, HAILEY, and EMILEE for birthdays this month! I love all of you!

Hermana Freyre

President and Sister Douglas

President and Sister Douglas


Thats it….I love all of you so much and think of you all the time!!!!!!! Im also in a really rich area so my apartment isn´t bad and the malls look like home…( on the inside) everything is dirt and graffatti and bars on the outside.