Today is our one monther alreadyy!!! We are celebrating by eating our lives away tonight:)
We got to go proselyting again this week! I really got to see how disgusting Peru is.  Everybody had terrible teeth, furniture looks like it´s been found from rubbish after a tornado, and everything is dirty cement.
     We taught an inactive boy named José who returned from his mission early for reason I don´t know, but he has a testimony. We went onto the roof of the house and it was full of laundry hanging out, a torn up couch, a curtain separating one room, and another blue lace curtain acting as a door for the kitchen. There were flies everywhere, and a dog running around. After we taught the lesson, we knelt on the cement floor and José prayed.  There was a time, with each person we taught, where I was completely overwhelmed with love for the person. It was this deep love where I felt that I loved them so much I just wanted them to have this! To know how special they were and feel it the way I have! Bahhh!
     Anyway, this week I had the most spiritual experience thus far in my mission, and pushing for my whole life. Before leaving to proselyte, we were told there were children outside who wanted to meet us. As we walked out, the doors were opened to the field and I saw what seemed like hundreds of children. As we walked onto the field, the kids swarmed to all of us as if we were celebrities! These four little girls ran up to my compañeras and I as soon as we stepped foot on the grass and hugged us. Before we could gather our thoughts, their parents were taking pictures of us! The girls were smiling as if they had walked into Disneyland, yet I felt more happy than them. To feel that, To see them, To experience that excitement over us being missionaries is beyond words. To feel the way these kids looked up to us, to get a small glimpse of the impact  we have and the examples we are- we felt like super heroes. I thought later that night how crazy it is that I had always dreamed about this, even as a little girl, and now I´m here. I´m a missionary in Peru! Hermana Freyre!!
     Nothing noteworthy besides that really. Our funny stories have come to Spanish word mix ups such as, “you have  a beautiful mouth” and “through the atonement, we are all able to wash our fish”
     Today at the temple, I met a girl who is going to Bolivia on her mission and I told her to look for Sterling. Her mother was with her and when she found out I was from California, she asked me if I knew President Elsworth! My stake president! They served together or something, maybe his son, idk. Sorry I didn´t get their names, so everything I just said is pointless. Anyway, shout out to CHLOE, IAN and GRANDPAPA for May birthdays!
I love you all so much! I am so happy to be here!