Date: 05/13/2014 1:55 PM (GMT-08:00)

¡Beunas Tardes!

This week was crazy! Today marks three weeks at CCM which means we are half way done here! I am going to be so sad to leave because I love my district and my companions and speaking English…

Anyway, this week we had to go to immigration and Interpol on two different days. It was awesome because it took up like four hours of our day. On the way there the driver played american music and we all rocked out! We stopped next to a bus and everybody on the bus was staring at us so we all decided to start dancing like crazy and they probably think white people are physco now. While we were there I pretended to go down and escalator and an elevator from the other side of the desk and all the workers were cracking up. I would tell them “¡Mira mira!” and then proceeded to disappear behind the desk. Then after I got my whole hand printed, I pretended to wipe my hands on the guys shirt and backed up, “¡NO NO NO!” Muahaha Then another lady’s phone went off, and the ringtone was a Miley Cyrus song so I started singing really dramatically, pretending to have a microphone for everyone in the office, and she let it ring so she could laugh at me. Craziest thing of all there though, I met a missionary from Canada who recognized my name, because my roommate from BYU told her to keep an eye out for me, while my roommate is on her mission in Georgia!! SHOUT OUT TO JOCELYN SMITH, I LOVE YOU!

Greatest thing of the week was…. we got new roommates and they’re white so they speak english! Even better than that, we played so many pranks on them:) My two companions and I all switched nametags, I pretended to have an accent from West Virginia, I had a cut on my lip which I told them was herpes, Stringham pretended to have anger problems and I took the bed planks out of one the beds so when they sat down the matress hit the floor!! Omgoodness it was so great!! Stringham pretended to freak out and throw her stuff and walk out of the room just because I told she couldn’t bring her soduku puzzle. Priclesss. Don’t worry, we told them it was all pranks at the end of the day.
Sunday in church, the speaker mid sentence ran outside and threw up all of the tile and we could all here it hitting the floor and then I could here him throwing up in the toilet water. It was so gross!
I got to skype my family!! Best thing ever!! I love and miss them so much! Oliver is such a man. SHOUT OUT TO MOM FOR BEING AMAZING! HAPPY MOTHERS DAY!
Best thing ever everybody, last night my companions and I taught a lesson. Before we started we all knelt down with the investigator to pray. Hermana Stringham says “Padre Celestial” and then farts!!! In the middle of her prayer!!! I am dying laughing as I type this. Omgoodnessssss. Best thing of my life. So this whole week was hilarious and funny hence the fact there is no list of funny stories. I love everybody! It means the world to get emails so THANKYOU!!
Hermana Freyre
p.s. my camera fell off my bunk and broke so no more pictures:(